The Fortune Teller Candle

EGP 1,500.00EGP 2,000.00

Your own personal Fortune Teller, in the form of a candle, awaits you!This votive tumbler candle carries with it a magical aura, powerful on its own, creating a shift in energy of any room it is left in. The scent of sweet spiced Tropical White Coconut and Balsam Pine fills the room, to lift your spirits, and give you psychic clarity to make your hardest decisions.

Perfume your home with our candle vessels, hand-crafted in Italy, and poured in Egypt. Our mixture of gemstones, scent and fire will wrap its protective aura around those who light it.

Glass Filled Candles.
Trim wick before burning.
Candles are made to match Ikea standard candle sizes, meaning you never have to throw your stone lid away.

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